Hiiii and thanks for stopping by ! 

My name is Gayatri (its pronounced guy-three) & I live in new delhi - a chaotic and tempestuous city that has a rich history, passionate people and lots of great food. I've grown up in India, where tradition demands that we eat with abandon - I’ve loved food since forever, but only a couple of years ago did I begin to interact with it and actually appreciate it. I started baking to give myself a creative outlet while studying and working - and many months later, this blog was born (!!) in summer 2015! I’m learning from books, magazines, and other blogs and documenting everything on the way. My recipes are inspired by the seasons ( I am a winter person), nostalgic flavours, scientific concepts, and by culture, and this blog is an open-ended attempt to learn and explore new things . 

My favourite ingredients are dark chocolate, raspberries, sea salt, coffee and bourbon. My least favourite ingredient is papaya (I won’t touch it). Besides papaya, I eat mostly everything. I like masala eggs for breakfast and dark chocolate before i sleep, and spices in all my meals. 

Outside of the online world (aka in real life..) I work in digital marketing for Global Citizen India, a social platform that aims to end extreme poverty by 2030 by working closely with the UN SDGs and advocating for change. It's not like other jobs - we are a very small team of young people and we work round the clock - it's fun ! 

Besides work and baking, I also love writing, design, technology, making lists, big dogs and dated films. I have 2 golden retrievers with very distinct personalities and they’re the hungriest, furriest and happiest beings I know and can usually be found hovering around the kitchen or wagging their tails in their sleep (seriously). 

In this blog, you’ll find a variety of recipes, stories about dogs, dessert and kitchen disasters, and I hope you like it! 

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