Do you take orders or sell your desserts ? 

No, but maybe someday!

What is your most recommended recipe:

Banoffee pie. You really can't go wrong with banana and toffee in any form!

Who are Ben and Joey and why are they important?

Ben and Joey are my dogs! They're important because they're my biggest fans in the whole world. ;)

Do they get to eat anything ?

Usually not (sugar is terrible for dogs!) but sometimes they play thief

What camera do you use to shoot ?

I use a canon 5D Mark III or a canon 50 D - I struggle with the technicalities but I try...

Can I use your pictures / recipes on my website/ instagram?

By all means, BUT please give due credit! Tag me or link back to my website and I will really appreciate it!

Why do you like Emojis so much ?

Who doesn't like emojis?'