Bon Appetite-ing

So this summer, in an attempt to escape the Delhi heat (and treat myself to a much needed holiday) I ended up in Europe (where it is okay to eat Pain Au Chocolat four times a day) Ofcourse, I spared no morsel of croissant, waffle and eclair, but the more interesting part was that besides eating, I also got to cook. In a small, quaint and very cute kitchen in Paris, I took a one-day cooking class, and after four weeks of travelling, I have concluded that it was by far, the highlight of my vacation. The Chefs were super energetic and stereotypically French and for a minute I felt like I was in one of Julia Child’s cooking classes, except with ipads for recipes and conversions – damn you technology!

We made (and this is the part where I ventured out of my comfort zone and tried cooking something savoury!)

Salmon & asparagus quiche

Tomato, basil and parmesan brulee

Cheese croissants!

And finally, for the desserts –

Rum Babas

Chocolate lava cake with toffee sauce

Strawberry and whipped cream on dough discs

I’m still waiting for the Chefs to send me the recipes, which I’ll post here, but they’re in French, so befriend google translate if you haven’t already because you’ll want to try these recipes out!

Au revoir !