Cake for a cause

Hii everyone ! As many of you may already know, Friendicoes – everyone’s go-to animal shelter needs help! They’re in huge debt and need donations to pay it or they’ll be forced to shut down!

I feel for animals, possibly the one cause I feel for most, which is why I really want to donate something to help them out! But because a) I’m unemployed and broke at the moment and b) want to be able to donate a sizeable amount, I need some help!

I’m going to be making chocolate cakes for sale, and if you or anyone you know loves chocolate cake, please call me and I will bake it fresh for you! The reason I’ve picked this particular cake is because it’s a classic and I can promise you, it’s delicious –I’ve made it a million times! In the end, when I’ve collected enough money, I’ll donate it all to Friendicoes on behalf of all of us!


Here’s everything you need to know to be a part of it!

  1. The cake – it’s a 2-layer chocolate cake, soft sponge with a very yummy classic chocolate icing.
  2. The price of the cake is Rs. 1200
  3. You need to order 2 days in advance
  4. The entire amount except the cost for ingredients will be donated to Friendicoes
  5. It's not an eggless cake
  6. I don't have a bakery! Its a very simple home made cake but nonetheless its delicious!
  7. The delivery service called My Butler has read my blog and tweets and have offered to home deliver, as their contribution - so that's super news!
  8. When you get the cake, if you like it, please spread the word!

So if you like chocolate,


Or if you like animals,

IMG_9787 (1)
IMG_9787 (1)

or just want the karma points....  please order!

To order, call or text me at : 9811553880


Email me on :

Let’s hope we can make a difference!